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Hormoz Mehmanesh, MD, PhD

Professor of Cardiac Surgery - European Board for Cardiac Surgery

Address: 6th floor, No 14, Mehr Medical Complex, Moghadas Ardebili St, Tehran,Iran

Tel: (+9821) 22043482-2, (+9821) 22667374-5

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Professor Mehmanesh

Professor Mehmanesh was born in 1957 in Iran. At the age of 13, he left Iran to pursue his education in Germany. He, after finishing his graduate studies in Medicine and Psychology, obtained his specialty in Cardiac Surgery from Heidelberg University and Washington University in St. Louis

Professor Mehmanesh is one of pioneers in robotic surgery in the world and developer of several innovations in minimal and robotic surgeries. He has always contributed actively to the development of cardiac surgery in the world with his publications, patents and research.

Valuable experiences and significant achievements in Cardiac Surgery

Professor Mehmanesh, with years of education, research and teaching in Universities and Hospitals in US and Germany, is a well-known international Cardiac Surgeon. These years of research were accompanied with Professor Mehamnesh experiences in magement of different department and centers in Germany.

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Creative Ideas and Modern Innovation in Cardiac Surgery

Professor Mehmanesh had several innovations in designing and manufacturing of Cardiac Surgery instruments. From his internationally-acclaimed patents, we can name: “Auto suture Device for Minimally Invasive and Robotic Surgery”, “Minimally Invasive Surgical Clamp”, “Novel Flexible Individually Adjustable Balloon Retractors for Minimally Invasive and Robotic Surgery”, ...

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Pioneer in Minimal Invasive and Robotic Surgery

Professor Mehmanesh's significant achievements owe to his endless endeavor in development of minimal invasive Surgery and Robotic Surgery. Along with this aim, he performed the world first total mitral valve repair robotic surgery in Munich, Germany. Moreover professor Mehmanesh had several innovations in this field.

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Modern Cardiac Surgery now in Iran

Professor Mehmanesh has the board of cardiac surgery from USA and Germany. After several years of professional membership in German Universities and American Hospitals, he has now returned to his home country to perform cardiac surgery with its greatest standards in Iran. Professor Mehmanesh performs cardiac surgeries in Erfan Grand Hospital.

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Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgery is the most advanced achievement in surgical systems to minimize the invasive characteristics of open cardiac surgeries. The new robotic technology, by boosting the accuracy of the surgeries, making the surgeries much safer; coordinating surgical instruments with computer interface removes the undesirable hand vibrations as the computer filters the noises.


Patient’s Guide to Heart Surgery

Patients are required to follow special instruction before and after heart surgery to gain the best result. With this aim, Dr. Mehmanesh suggests you to carefully read the attached instruction regarding the proper diet, exercise, and the required information about the recovery process.

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Surgery Videos

For gaining a better view on the procedure of heart surgeries, in particular minimal invasive surgeries, several animations are gathered to inform you about the steps of different cases of heart surgery and help you to be prepared for the surgery and the recovery.

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