Hormoz Mehmanesh, MD, PhD

  • Professor of Cardiac Surgery – European Board for Cardiac Surgery
  • Address: Unit 628, 6th Floor, No. 158, Mehr Medical Complex, Moghadas Ardebili St., Zafaraniyeh, Tehran
  • Phone: (+9821) 22043482-2, (+9821) 22667374-5
  • Office Hours: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday by appointment
  • Make an Appointment Hours: Sunday and Monday from 11 am to 19 pm

Personal Details

  • Date of Birth : August 15, 1957
  • Place of Birth : Teheran/Iran
  • Citizenship : Iranian, living in Germany 1971-2001Permanent Residency/Germany
    Resident Alien/USA


  • 2000 : Worldwide first totally endoscopic ,mitral valve repair with Robot, Da Vinci, Intuitive Surgical, CA, USA
  • 1980- 1982 : Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation Award for Outstanding Students
  • 1983- 1988 : Bavarian State Award for Outstanding foreign Students
  • 1986- 1987 : Max-Planck-Institute Award for Dissertation
  • 1987- 1989 : Rheinland/Pfalz-State Award for Outstanding Post- Graduates
  • 1995- 1995 : Research Award for New Inventions In Cardiac Electro physiology University of Heidelberg/Germany


  • Medical License/Germany
  • USA / ECFMG August 19, 1992 (#0-446-497-0)


  • 1994 : University of Washington, Barnes Hospital, St Louis (Prof. Dr. J.Cox), USA

Curriculum Vitae


Professor Mehmanesh followed his education in high school, under-graduate, graduate, and post doctorate levels in prestigious Institutes in Germany and USA. He studied Psychology, Neuroma-pharmacology, and cardiac Surgery.

Professional Experiences

Professor Mehmanesh has been head of cardiac surgeries department, heart centers, heart transplant centers, and electrophysiology department in Munich Technical University and Heidelberg University.

Worldwide Patents

Professor Mehmanesh, being always involved in development of robotic surgery, has registered several patents for his innovations in minimal and robotic surgeries.


Professor Mehmanesh had a broad research activities in the field of cardiac surgery and has published several papers in high-profile international journals.


Regarding professor Mehmanesh’s great achievements and valuable experiences in minimal invasive heart Surgery, several magazines interview Prof. Mehmanesh about new techniques in cardiac surgery.